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Harpy Announcements for November 2012

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1Harpy Announcements for November 2012 Empty Harpy Announcements for November 2012 on Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:49 am

Robert Duval is to gain standing in the Camarilla for his actions in defence of the city during the July gathering of the kindred.

The Primogen Council has welcomed new members to represent their clans. Sara Lovart now represents the Ventrue; Matthew Buchanen now represents the Tremere; and Steven Cooper now represents the Brujah.

Congratulations are extended to Leland Bartlett on his appointment to the position of Keeper of Elysium by Prince Heysforth. He is also granted the domain henceforth known as "The Loft".

On the invitation of Prince Ducatti, Sire of Prince Heysforth, Sir Cassandra of Auckland has taken up the position of Sheriff of Wellington. The office of Harpy in Auckland wishes her well.

Prince Heysforth grants Hospitality in Auckland to the following kindred; Fabian de Firenze, Robert Duval, Abigail Wright, Anton Karlsson, Zachariah, Duncan Milne, Theodore Jackson.

The following changes have been made to the list of boons owing:

Christopher Winston owes James Snell a Major Boon for services rendered.
Leland Bartlett owes Christopher Winston a Major Boon for services rendered.
Anton Karlsson owes Tom O'Rielly a Major Boon for services rendered.

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Leland Bartlett and Fabian de Firenze owe a minor boon each to Christopher Winston for services rendered.

In related news, Leland Bartlett and Fabian de Firenze are unable for contact at this time, however any messages to them can be relayed via Mr Winston as Harpy. The kindred to whom they are addressed will deal with them when the situation allows.

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