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Harpy Announcements for October 2012

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1Harpy Announcements for October 2012 Empty Harpy Announcements for October 2012 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:33 pm


The announcements of the Prince of Auckland, Lady Emeline Heysforth, from her Elysium on the 13th of October 2012.

The following kindred are granted hospitality: Doc, Isabella Marietta, Justin Rockford, Steven Cooper, Jonathan Grigger, and Vincent Ward.

Jonathan Grigger is named the Sheriff of Auckland, and awarded further standing for his continued willingness to offer his services to the city.

Christopher Winston is granted the Domain of the Royal Hotel, Ponsonby.
The Sewers, Observatory, and Bruce Mason Centre are no longer considered Domains.

For the most heinous crime of Diablerie, bloodhunt is declared on the kindred Rose Red.

The announcement of the Tremere Justicar and Assamite Justicar:

The kindred known as Abdul Amin, Cedric Ibn Sarmad, and Christopher Drew, are declared Anathema for their part in the murder of Elder Percival Lestrade of clan Tremere. The bloodhunt is called upon them.

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