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Edicts of Prince Heysforth

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1 Edicts of Prince Heysforth on Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:22 pm

ST 2

The tradition of Elysium is paramount within the boundaries of the locale declared as such; it shall supersede all other considerations.

There shall be no violence in Elysium. Disputes may be resolved by means of a duel, duly registered with the Harpy. The conditions of any such duels will be set by the Prince.

Only the Prince, Sheriff and Knights of the domain may bear a blade (or blades) within Elysium; all other weapons are prohibited.

The use of disciplines shall be restricted within Elysium. The Prince retains the right to use disciplines, while the Keeper of Elysium and Sheriff may use disciplines in the discharge of their duties, as may the Seneschal in the Prince's absence. Other kindred may use disciplines in self defense. Kindred who have been granted hospitality may mask their visage if other Kindred's sensibilities would be affected by their not doing so.

The Sheriff's right to question kindred extends into Elysium, though the rules of Elysium still apply.

In addition to the responsibility of the Keeper of Elysium to remove status for a breach of the Masquerade, the Keeper shall have the right to remove status for a Breach of Elysium.

The responsibility of a position within the city is a most weighty matter. To this end, no kindred shall be expected to discharge two such positions, be it Prince, Seneschal, Sheriff, Keeper of Elysium, Scourge, Primogen or Harpy. Any kindred gaining a new position will be expected to relinquish the previous one immediately.

The position of Scourge entails the responsibility to detain by any means any kindred not granted hospitality by the Prince and not protected by the conditions of the truce. Any kindred detained as such will be brought before the Sheriff for questioning, after which time the Sheriff and Scourge shall present their recommendations to the Prince.

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