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2010 Conclave Edicts

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Conclave Edicts

2010 Conclave - Annapolis
Title Definition
Elysium The decision of the Conclave of 2003 regarding Elysium stands, that Elysium, being older than the Traditions and the Camarilla, supersedes the powers of the Prince and the Second Tradition.
Keeper Keepers shall be able to strip both temporary and permanent status for breaches of Elysium as well as Breaches of the Masquerade.
Powers and Limitations of Archons

Archons are always on duty. Archons are Empowered by the Justicars they serve, and gain all of their authority from that service. This entitles them to be immune to the Traditions of Hospitality and Destruction when acting on orders from the Justicar. In addition, all are advised to remember that Archons are the appointed eyes, ears, and if needed, fists of their Justicars.

It was also emphasized very strongly that should an Archon misbehave in a given Domain, it is up to the Prince to deal with the matter. The most proper method is to present proof of the crimes to a Justicar, however a strong Prince will enforce his Domain as he sees fit.

The Obtenebration Registry The Obtenebration Registry is to be opened; to be policed jointly by the Lasombra Herald and the Justicariate.

Shadow Conspiracies Specific enemies of the sect and violators of the Camarilla Traditions should be punished as individuals.

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