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Declaration of "War"

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1Declaration of "War" Empty Declaration of "War" on Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:13 am


This message is passed out to all kindred that are known members of the Camarilla.

It is glaringly obvious to anyone who has received an announcement or note from Christopher Winston in the past, that this announcement has none of his usual finery attached. The message is not pretty in any way, but short and to the point.

"Prince Kensington of Auckland has declared a state of war between all allied kindred and the magic users located at the Devonport naval base. They are known as Lt. Colonel Zachary Rodriguez, Dr. Celeste Duprie, and Astrid. All information on these three should be divulged to the Prince. All further communication on this matter should be with the Prince."

Christopher Winston's name is not even attached.

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