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Weapon damage

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1 Weapon damage on Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:21 am

ST 1

Kindred Wards:

Something to bear in mid for those not entirely familiar with them. They do not add another level of damage to the weapon. They are a second damage source that does 1 damage, very different when damage reducing powers such as Fortitude are being used.

Agg dam sources:

Unless an attack by its nature does aggravated damage such as fire, something that converts lethal damage to Agg only converts one of the points. So for example, someone with Potence 5 + Feral Claws does 1L+1AGG, someone shooting a pistol with incendiary ammunition does 1B+1AGG etc. Note that if you have 2 ways of converting damage from L to AGG, such as Hands of Flame & Feral Claws, you would do 2AGG if you had 5 Potence.

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