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Post stormy nights at sea

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1Post stormy nights at sea Empty Post stormy nights at sea on Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:22 pm

Copied from Elysium....

To the kindred of my domain,

The events of the last Elysium of Auckland were spectacular and very concerning…

As Prince I am both concerned at the powers shown to be arrayed against the domain, and the damage to my ship, and the injury and deaths of my crew.
Earlier in the evening I had had little choice but to punish a large portion of my domain for their sheep like, and dangerous actions at a previous gathering, but I was proud of their actions on my ship when the attacks and magics of our enemies came for us…

Both Scourge Enzo and Sheriff Jess, stood beside me and my Seneschal in battle, both proving themselves worthy of their new roles and capable of not using excessive force when it proved unnecessary, and as such I award them a level of status.

Scourge Enzo though in initially using lethal force against my crew will be counted as having damaged the ship, and I expect him to make up for that. Either to me directly in the form of a minor boon, or in the form of suitable compensation for the family of the crew member lost. I am and will always be loyal and protective to my crew... mortal, or kindred.

Harpy Professor McGill showed great skill, and willingness to help in the form of tending to my crew and as such I award him a level of status.

Beatrice was not only stunning at all times even during the storm, but also was instrumental in assisting in a number of the tasks that contributed to the saving of my ship and the lives of all aboard. She will be awarded one level of status.

Bruce Jackson whilst showing a lack of judgment that has cost him his prior position and status prior to the evening, proved again that whilst his hotel door removal techniques whilst on CCTV, and his choices in enacting rituals of severe detriment to our kind are less than agreeable, he is still courageous, and strong and was fundamental to the actions that allowed us to safely remove the mortals and a number of our domain from the ship safely. For this I award a level status.

Every member of the domain showed themselves in a good light on the night. I hope this will continue going forward, I don’t like punishing people, but rest assured I will be harsh and direct with those that choose to willing do things that put the domain or its members at risk, and doubly so on those that would feign ignorance or worse actively give loyalty or service to those that would undermine the domain. Likewise, I look forward to rewarding and praising those that prove worthy of such things.

Now get out there and find who did this, I don’t believe it was the manager and his spirits, there was however a black cat involved and I have heard something about that being linked to the ghost? Bring me your results from investigations in to this ghost, its fetter/link to this world and anything else you might have. Lets deal to this thing and get one of these non-kindred enemies off the damn list.

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