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Harpy Announcements for January 2013

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1Harpy Announcements for January 2013 Empty Harpy Announcements for January 2013 on Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:06 pm

From the Elysium hosted by Sir Nicholas Kensington, Seneschal of Auckland.

Announcements of the Seneschal:

The kindred Madeline Delaney and Munroe are granted hospitality in the city of Auckland.

Sheriff Jonathan Grigger is to lose standing with the Camarilla for poor execution and planning, relating to the latest mission to destroy puported enemies of the city.

Kieran McCoy is to have the 50mm cannon confiscated, to be remanded to the custody of his Primogen, with it not to be used except on orders of the Sheriff of the City.

Announcements of the Harpy:
Surfal now owes only one Blood boon to Isabella Marietta.
Isabella Marietta no longer owes Jonathan Grigger a Blood Boon.
Steve Cooper owes Surfal a Major Boon, for services rendered.
Zachariah grants a Minor Boon to Matthew Buchanen and Fiona O'Halloran, for assistance in times of danger.
Tom O'Reilly no longer owes Kieran McCoy a Major Boon.
Tom O'Reilly now owes Kieran McCoy a Minor Boon.

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2Harpy Announcements for January 2013 Empty Re: Harpy Announcements for January 2013 on Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:41 am

I must admit to being mildly confused, Mister Winston. What service did Madame Isabella render during my... Resting period that cleared her boon to me. I mean to say that if it is cleared, then it is cleared, but I would just like to know -why-.

Also, the enemies dealt with were not "purported" enemies. They were enemies of the city, plain and simply, breaches of the Masquerade that had been ignored during the reign of the "puported" Prince Kensington, which had allowed them to become a much larger and more difficult threat to deal with. I did what I could in the time that I had. If this results in me losing standing in the city, provided the Prince agrees that the loss in standing is justified, then so be it.

But I must ask that if -I- lose standing within the city by carrying out my duty to my city and my Prince, who should be held accountable for allowing the situation to escalate to this point in the first place?

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3Harpy Announcements for January 2013 Empty Re: Harpy Announcements for January 2013 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:51 pm

Mr Grigger, your confusion just having re-awoken is understandable but you had best mind your tongue.

Your loss of standing had been discussed amoung many of the position holders of the city before it was decided upon, how ever in error you may think that those figures are, as were my policies in regards to the inderviduals at the time I was Prince.

And I will remind you that I served as Prince with the support of many of the influencial and powerful members of this city. And that I still serve as the current Prince's Seneschal. I urge you to remember that. Your reactionist comments directed at me with regard to this loss of standing sing of wounded pride but could none the less lead you to more hot water, if not another period in torpor should your words been seen as a slight on the position holders of this fine city and they feel their honor impuned.

You may want to ask your self if you have heard of any commendations from the Prince for your little mission since you woke?

I suggest you drop this matter and consider this settled, Mr Grigger.

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4Harpy Announcements for January 2013 Empty Re: Harpy Announcements for January 2013 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:58 pm

I don't expect a pat a on the head for doing my duties as defined by the -position- I hold within the city and as such don't require any commendations for my "little mission". I do, however, take it as a slight -and- impingement of my honour to have my standing within the city so marred when I was not even in a state to put forth the reasons for my actions in regards to it.

But I think you missed part of what I said, and so I shall repeat it. If the Prince feels that your judgement in this, and the time and way in which you dealt with it, was in the right, then I accept it. You see I don't really care for the political machinations that I now find myself embroiled in, and thus implying that I am a reactionary is rather off the mark. No, I only care to serve my City and my Prince as well I as I can.

As it stands, I have simply stated that I felt my honour and reputation have been unjustly marred, and have given my reasoning for feeling so. And yet I get met with threats of torpor and get spoken to like I am some ignorant neonate that needs to be reminded of the position other Kindred hold, despite the fact that I hold one myself.

So you can consider this matter dropped, Seneschal, and also think on who you are going to suggest to the Prince for the position of Sheriff as it is clear to me that you feel that I am too incompetent to do my job, and I'd hate to be the one that cripples the City.

Oh, and it's -Sir- Grigger, unless you feel the Prince declaring me a knight of the city was either irrelevant or in error.

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