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3 - Game Rule

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13 - Game Rule Empty 3 - Game Rule on Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:27 pm

ST 1

The founding principle of our game:

When we began to play this game, the Phoenix Rising was filled with bullying and blatant abuse of new players. Often this caused them to quit the game or even LARPing as a whole. To deal with this, once we became ST's we instituted a rule known as the "Three game rule" that has been in place ever since. What this means is that for the first three games of the player, the characters of new players cannot be taken advantage of by means of lack of setting knowledge or lack of rules knowledge. This gives new players time to find their feet and learn the rules & setting. We take this very seriously as it is our aim to provide a welcoming environment for first-time LARPers.

This rule applies of course to our one-off games as well. Our one-off games are deliberately simplified to be welcoming to players unfamiliar with the setting. Any attempt to go beyond what is on the character sheets in those games when interacting with a player under 3 Game rule is considered a breach of that rule.

The penalties for breach of 3 Game rule are as follows:
1st breach: Nulling of any advantages gained from the breach and a first warning.

2nd breach: Nulling of not only any advantages gained but any XP gained from that game.

3rd Breach: As above, removal from the current game running if applicable and also suspension for 1 game.

Further breaches result in a ban, though no-one has ever gone that far.

We take the well-being of our new players very seriously and thus we will enforce this rule. If you are not comfortable playing under this rule, please don't as we don't want your kind of bully in our game. There are other games in which that kind of behaviour is tolerated, this is not one.

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