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Praxis 6/10/2012

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1 Praxis 6/10/2012 on Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:49 pm

ST 2

On October 6th 2012 Praxis of the City of Auckland fell to Lady Emeline Heysforth.

She was supported by Alastor Ezra Crowley, Sylvan McDuff, Abdul Amin, Cedric ibn Sarmad, Nicholas Kensington, Jim Spencer, Annalucia Mancini, James Snell, Leland Barlett, Ratsioli, Hayden Delaware, Christopher Winston, Sara Lovart, Nathaniel Howe, Emily White, Michael Bernard, Matthew Buchanen and Kemilah.

She named Nicholas Kensington as Seneschal and Cedric ibn Sarmad as Sheriff.

All those who supported Lady Emeline will be granted one Camarilla status (except for Prince McDuff and Alastor Crowley). In addition, they will be granted hospitality in the city of Auckland.

There will be a gathering on Saturday 13th October at a private residence (details provided). This gathering will be an Elysium. For this Elysium, no weapons will be permitted and the right of using disciplines will be retained by the Prince alone.

Any kindred of the Camarilla who do not currently have the Prince's hospitality have a period of three months in which to present themselves, or be considered in breach of domain.

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