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Character Backgrounds

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1Character Backgrounds Empty Character Backgrounds on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:22 am

ST 2

For the purposes of running 'Playing for Keeps', a one off system-lite larp involving regular PCs from the Phoenix Rising, characters will need a reasonable amount of background information. Please consider and answer the following questions about your character in your personal forum;

Who was your character before the embrace?
Where and when were they born/grew up? Who or what were their formative influences? Did they travel and where to? How were they educated/trained and what job did they do (if any)? What kind of person were they?

What were the circumstances of their embrace?
When and where did it happen - how old was the character at the time? Was it sanctioned or secret? Who is their sire and why did their sire choose them? How did the sire treat the character before/during/after embrace? How did/does the character feel about the embrace and their sire?

What changed for the character after the embrace?
Did their personality or interests change? How did they react to the supernatural? Do they retain ties to their mortal existence? How were they received into Kindred society? Who were their influences/allies/enemies/mentors (if any) and are they still a factor?

Why did the character end up in Auckland?
Did the character piss off someone important? Are they on the run or hiding from someone or something? Have they been sent here for some reason or do they just want the chance to be a small fish in a smaller pool? Is Auckland a punishment, a mission, a haven or an opportunity?

What has the character achieved in Auckland?
Any notable moments, status gains, climbing the status ladder, gaining position. What is the character known for locally (if anything)?

When you've finished that then...
Cross reference with your character sheet!
Are any high rated (4 or 5) attributes, skills and merits adequately explained? Can your pilot actually fly a plane? How does your character have so much academics if they didn't have any tertiary education? Should you speak several other languages? (Note that we try to cover this in character creation/conversion but can only go off information we have at the time).

If you find an anomaly, either come up with an explanation, or a plan to spend some XP to fix it!

Final Note
Please be a little flexible with details like exact place and time. There are cities you probably weren't embraced in because they belong(ed) to the Sabbat, but there are places and times where there are greater opportunities for tie-ins with NPCs and other PCs. A background with some ST wiggle-room has a far greater chance of giving the character personal buy-in to major plot-lines and thus hopefully will increase your enjoyment of and involvement in the game Smile

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ST 2

Also for the purposes of the larger game, as well as for the entertainment of the STs, we would love to see a 'what your character knows about and thinks of other PCs and NPCs in the city' thread in your forum. This can range from first impressions and hearsay to your intimate knowledge of their frailties and secrets. What do you actually know about the other kindred? Does somebody owe you a boon or do you owe them? Have they treated you well or been rudely dismissive? Do you want to help or hinder them? Are you scared of them or are they not worth your notice?

We will be awarding XP for both background and interaction writeups. The deadline for these will be September 1st, a month out from 'Playing for Keeps' and shortly after Chimera.

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