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Demon on the loose

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1 Demon on the loose on Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:10 am

Cedric lets members of the Camarilla know that through the actions of members of the city, the demonic ghoul that had escaped from the fight with Jamila was captured and attempted to be held for questioning at a time when individuals with appropriate skills were available. However during the day it broke free, trashed a portion of Cedric's haven and murdered some of his neighbours, so due to this he will be unable to assist in much in the coming month as has to re-locate a number of sensitive items.

A team tracked down and killed the demon the following night, but lesson has been learnt that unless the people are on hand to interrogate a demon, kill it at the soonest possible convenience, do not capture.

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2 Re: Demon on the loose on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:44 pm

sure... who are our interrogators?

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3 Re: Demon on the loose on Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:46 pm

Anyone who thinks they can extract information from a demon, which possibly possesses superhuman willpower. At this time I am aware of no hands being raised

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