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Domain of Auckland history project

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1Domain of Auckland history project Empty Domain of Auckland history project on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:14 am

ST 1

A note: You can know any of the information in this document IC even if you were not there at the time as it is simply public knowledge that is known about the domain of Auckland.

We encourage players that were there to expand on this information, even on/from characters that are now deceased, especially where our information is sketchy. Please submit what you would like to add in your personal forums, with details of what should be publicly known and when on the timeline it should be inserted into the document. XP may be awarded for accepted submissions.

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2Domain of Auckland history project Empty 2008 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:15 am

ST 1

A substantial reward is offered for information about the disappearance of Archons Heinrich von Reichenhoffsen-Schlempt and Jan Baech in the city of Auckland.

You have been invited to attend a gathering in Auckland at which the Prince and positionholders of the city will be decided. You have had to RSVP to get the time and location. Your host for the night will be Abdul-Amin (Acknowledged, Feared, Honourable) who is not a kindred of Auckland.
There was a huge gunfight in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac last month. There were three fatalities but the names of those killed have not been released.
The anti-gun lobby is getting much stronger after the spate of recent gun battles. A total ban is now on the cards in Auckland.

Ivy, a Tremere Neonate has been appointed by the Primogen as puppet Prince of Auckland.
The Primogen council contains 2 known Anarch sympathisers and a probationary sect member. It appears that the city of Auckland remains a bad joke.
Needless to say the domain has not yet been recognised by the rest of the Camarilla.
a relevant say.
A gun ban in the CBD is due to be voted on in council.

Oddly, the former Prince still resides in the city. Has some deal been done or is Fredrick Jacobsen just a weak Prince?
The gun ban in the CBD has been passed in council. A couple of stores have had to relocate elsewhere.
(Frederick Jacobsen claimed Praxis)

During 2008-2009:
(Ivy Bloodhunted & executed, Frederick Jacobsen Torporised by Anarchs, Krytyn becomes Prince)
OOC: We had a DB crash so have lost all rumours for this time.

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3Domain of Auckland history project Empty 2009 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:16 am

ST 1

The eccentric artist Elita Larouche is apparently joining the latest Justin J Rockford play "Our lady in red, the Helen Clarke story" in the lead role. Some say that they are dating, but no-one has any photo's to prove it as yet.
Justin J Rockford has apparently been exhibiting transvestite exhibitionist behaviour in parks near his home. There is no comment from the playwright as yet.

There have been a number of stories in the Media about odd snake cult activities by students at the University of Auckland. By the anonymous accounts given the cult meetings involve orgies, drugs and satanic rituals. Churches have condemned the University for allowing such behaviour, but University spokespeople deny that any such cults exist.
In other related news, there are rumours of a fraud investigation of the University Bureaucracy. Neither the University nor the SFO has any comment.
The Police are investigating a bomb blast that occured in the White House last month. An individual using the name "Krytyn" is wanted for questioning in relation to this blast. Any other guests are asked to contact Auckland central Police station. Photo's of "Krytyn" and other guests (Yes, you guessed it, it's you! if you were at the last gathering) have appeared in the media. One notable guest appears to have been the well known artist Elita Larouche. So... what was she doing at a strip club???

The news stories continue about the snake cultists, but some of the stories have begun to conflict. Some drugs have been found, but there is no footage of any of the rituals so interest is fading. There are rumours that the university snake cults have also been meeting at the docks.
The fraud investigations continue.
An individual using the name "Krytyn" is highly wanted for questioning in relation to this blast. Anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to come forward. Photo's of "Krytyn" have appeared in the media.
It turns out the Elita Larouche was not actually at the scene of the explosion at the White House two months ago - apparently she has a double.

An individual using the name "Krytyn" is wanted for questioning in relation to the blast a few months ago at the White house. He is known to be armed and is considered to be highly dangerous. Anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to come forward. Photo's of "Krytyn" still appear in the Media.

The Prince Krytyn and the Sheriff Wendy have been killed by the Sabbat. Ezra Crowley has claimed Praxis and is now Prince of Auckland.
The following letter, a review of "Helen Clark, our Lady in Red" appears in several major papers and is given extensive cover, apparently due to its entertainment value.
"To the editor. Dear sir, it was my misfortune to have attended the Premier of the abortion known as "Helen Clark, our Lady in Red". This appalling blight upon the arts scene in Auckland masqerading as a piece of musical theatre plumbs depths seen only in movies such as "Highlander II", "Police Academy VII" and "Twilight". The writing was as puerile as a George Lucas love scene with the singing being comparable in competency to that of William Shatner and David Hasslehoff. Ms Larouche appears to have prostituted her artistic integrity to her desire for notoriety, as nothing else can explain her presence in this farce. I will admit that the audience did laugh, perhaps because they had mistaken the performance for a pantomime, despite the absence of a fairy queen unless Mr Rockford was meant to substitute as one. After this abomination I find it improbable that any of those responsible will have the nerve to show their faces in the light of day."
This review is signed only with "FF"

Justin J Rockford's quintet of beauties have been spending time learning the art of flashing from Marigold.

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4Domain of Auckland history project Empty 2010 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:17 am

ST 1

Rumour has it that yet another Sheriff has vanished... what was it this time?

New positions have been appointed in the city. Albert Smith is now Seneschal, Jimmy is keeper of Elysium and Justin J Rockford is interim Sheriff.

There is a new Medieval theme park opening in the hills over Maraetai in two month's time. The keep looks rather spectacular. The public will be able to either go on a variety of "authentic feeling tours" or take lessons in various activities including fighting, cooking, crafts and falconry.

The Camarilla visit the Castle at the invitation of Voivode Tomescu, peacefully meeting a large number of the Sabbat in the city. Lady Irina is declared Archbishop of the city and the Camarilla flee the gathering after perceived threats made by the Voivode.

Voivode Tomescu leaves the city after only killing one member of the Camarilla and a dubious one at that.
Attack on BOMAC. Some Sabbat killed, BOMAC facility is destroyed.

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5Domain of Auckland history project Empty 2011 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:18 am

ST 1

Mr Kensington has become Prince of Auckland after Ezra Crowley stepped down. The changeover was peaceful.

The Prince of Wellington, Vincenzo Ducatti has executed James & Jeremy Bullock for breach of the masquerade.
Prince Kensington has given the right of destruction to his Primogen over non-office holding members of the city.
Last week there was a breach of the masquerade in the city of Napier. Media reports have a man with fangs chasing people round the streets, grabbing them and throwing them round like ragdolls. Nothing has happened there since that incident.
There have been a number of riots in Hamilton. Apparently some Hamiltonians died in them.
There have been riots in Dunedin, Westport and Invercargill. People have died there too.

Last night, the creature dubbed by some sensationalist journalists as a "The Balrog" was seen again, this time in Birkenhead. It apparently rampaged round, eating people and destroying houses. An amateur video is has been posted on Youtube, though it's so blurry that it just shows something large moving round. From the number of ambulances at the scene, it's clear that the body count was high.

There are conflicting media reports about the "Balrog" sighting last month in Point Chevalier. Although some individuals were taken to hospital and emergency services were making a cleanup in the area, there was also report of filming on a Lord of the Rings spinoff mini-series "The Silmarillion" in the area.
In completely unrelated news, a Fire engine was stolen on the same night and found tipped over in the Point Chevalier area at about the same time as the "Balrog" sightings. Emergency services have condemned the irresponsibility of those who would steal an emergency vehicle.
A week or so ago, another Balrog sighting was reported in Parnell. The creature appeared, once again causing citizens to flee the scene. Unlike last time though, a large number of gunshots were heard and witnesses report a vigilante group attempting to battle the creature, though the witnesses didn't stick around to find out what happened. The only bodies found in the aftermath were those of some locals.

Balrog sightings are down a bit this month, but there is definite awareness of it. Some claim that it is Taniwha and that its presence in Auckland is due to overurbanisation.

The Camarilla is organising a strike on the Brujah Elder Hasdrubal in a warehouse. Combatants are invited to participate to uphold the bloodhunt on him, declared in all Camarilla cities of New Zealand.

The police are struggling to keep any control over vigilante groups.

Prominent churchpeople are speaking out against the evil that is the Balrog.

There are rumours that the Government has approved the creation of a special task force to investigate the almost certainly supernatural happenings occuring in New Zealand.


Abdul-Amin has left to become the Sheriff of Wellington.

By order of Prince Ducati, no Brujah have hospitality in Wellington.

The Balrog has not been sighted recently but more & more people were starting to believe there are monsters out there. The police are struggling to keep any control over vigilante groups.

Prominent churchpeople are speaking out against the evil that is the Balrog, though they have now stopped.

There were rumours that the Government has approved the creation of a special task force to invest
investigate the almost certainly supernatural happenings occuring in New Zealand. These have also ceased.

In the last week, the mood on the street has changed and no new stories have been published about the Balrog or any suggestion of supernatural issues.


There have been some disappearances recently, notably that of the Chief Harpy. It is extremely unusual that he has not contacted you regarding this gathering. Instead, the Sheriff has called this particular meeting. (Chief Harpy Tom O’Reilly, Fiona, Rose & Prince Kensington disappear. Rose & Prince Kensington reappear.)

The city is definitely quietening down. It is almost back to business as usual and there is a festive atmosphere due to the rugby world cup.


There are few communications between kindred this month & it's unsure who's still active and who isn't. There is still no sign of the Chief Harpy.

Business is back to usual in Auckalnd after the cup month. The mood is relatively upbeat.

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6Domain of Auckland history project Empty Re: Domain of Auckland history project on Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:26 pm

ST 1

People can also reply here if they wish to add things. Please do not edit the previous posts.

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