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Character Backgrounds

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1 Character Backgrounds on Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:09 pm

ST 2

Hey Guys

To making writing for the 'King's Gambit' one off easier, it would be good to have a better idea of the backgrounds of PCs who will be at that game. These should include (but are not limited to);

- Who the character was as a mortal and Where they were from. (Be expansive here; family and lost loves from mortal days are lots of fun for one-off writers)
- When was the character's embrace and what were the circumstances. (Don't be too ambitious on your character's age, most of you are playing neonates)
- What has happened to the character since to shape their ideas and opinions; why is this person how they are?
- How did the character come to be in Auckland; what are they doing in the ass end of nowhere?

If you can post something along these lines in your personal forums before our next game, you will be rewarded with tasty XP Smile


P.S. Please also indicate whether you're definitely coming to the october King's Gambit game, either here or via Facebook. I know that Mila can't make it; Vanya, Elle, Sue-Ling, Michael and Gary have indicated that they'll be there. How about the rest of you?

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2 Re: Character Backgrounds on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:16 pm

ST 2

A reminder for those that didn't make the game last Saturday that I will still need background material for your character if you are going to make it to the King's Gambit one off game next month.

Available PCs have IC received an invitation from 'Voivode Tomescu', who invites you to enjoy his hospitality at a social gathering to witness a formal game of chess at his new castle at Maraetai. The invitation was by name and title, delivered by hand to your haven.

Required background material includes (but is not limited to);
- Who was the character as a mortal? (Who did they know? What did they do?)
- Where were they from?
- When was the character embraced? (How did they feel about it?)
- What has happened since? (Where has the character been?)
- Why is the character like they are? (What experiences have shaped the character)
- How did they end up in Auckland?

In addition I will need to know what you know, or think you know, of the following NPCs;
(including whether you have met them or would recognise them and whether they might recognise you for whatever reason)
Father Fernando:
Daisy (and her pack):
Ladislas Jelavich:
Senor Escobar:
(Any other NPCs):

You will also need some objectives for the one-off game. Do you want to find something out, get hold of something, meet some clanmates, negotiate a treaty, negotiate a defection, find someplace to defect to, screw someone over, etc?

Finally, please list anything you perceive that your character has as an asset (e.g. large amounts in an influence, lots of money, combat ability etc) or a weakness (e.g. vulnerability to persuasion to join another faction).

I will need to know all of these details by Saturday 25th of September (the New Horizons game night) or it is unlikely that you will be able to play your PC in the one-off.


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