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Kindred Status and Positions

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1Kindred Status and Positions Empty Kindred Status and Positions on Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:45 pm

ST 2

Kindred Status
Status amongst Kindred is represented by a graduated merit, rated from 0 to 5 dots, where 0 indicates an individual of no standing and 5, a luminary of the group in question.  

City Status
This is a measure of an individual’s perceived importance or power within the city, regardless of sect.  City status can never be purchased and is determined entirely on actions within game.  (Effectively, it is a measure of how highly the NPCs rate a character).

Clan Status
This is a measure of how important an individual is to their Clan, or in exceptional circumstances, to another Clan.  Characters may purchase single dot of Status (Own Clan) at character creation, but any further dots in this merit must be awarded during play.  Methods of gaining Clan Status are specific to the Clan in question; Clan Tremere in particular is noted for its convoluted requirements for Clan advancement.  This internal hierarchy is usually only of interest to Clan members and in some Clans may be a closely guarded secret.

Camarilla Status
This is a measure of an individual’s importance in the Camarilla.  Characters may purchase a single dot of Status (Camarilla) at character creation, but any further dots in this merit must be awarded during play.  Gaining a position in the Camarilla grants additional status for the duration that the position is held, but this does not stack if two positions are held simultaneously.  It is unusual and considered somewhat egotistical for a Kindred to hold more than one position.  A Kindred has usually gained some Status (Camarilla) before they are considered for a position so it is highly unusual for positional Status to be the only Status (Camarilla) granted to an individual.  Holding a position does not allow a character’s Status (Camarilla) merit to exceed 5.

Camarilla Positions
First amongst Kindred, the Prince is the ruler of the Camarilla within a city.  The authority of Prince over her subjects is close to absolute, with but a few limitations.  Peaceful changes of Prince in a city are generally few and far between.  The position of Prince bestows 2 dots of Status (Camarilla) to the holder.  The rights of a Prince are as follows;
- May grant OR remove Status (Camarilla) to a maximum of 1 per month per individual
- May Acknowledge new members of the Camarilla
- May grant OR revoke Hospitality within the city
- May grant Domains within the city
- May call a Blood Hunt; alternatively may cancel a Blood Hunt at the cost of 1 Status (Camarilla)
- May appoint a Seneschal, Sheriff and/or Keeper of Elysium
- Has the Right of Destruction over any Kindred in the city without Hospitality
- May declare a venue Elysium, usually for the purpose of Kindred gatherings.

The Seneschal stands in the place of the Prince in the Prince’s absence and is usually the Prince’s most trusted advisor.  The Seneschal may act with the powers of the Prince, however any changes made by the Seneschal may immediately be revoked by the Prince on her return.  The position of Seneschal bestows 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) to the holder.  

The right hand and enforcer of the Prince, the Sheriff is usually tasked with dealing with any combat threats to the city and with rooting out traitors or infiltrators within the Camarilla.  The Sheriff may demand that any Kindred other than the Prince accompany them for questioning and may remove 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) from anyone who refuses.  The position of Sherriff bestows 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) to the holder.  

Keeper of Elysium
The Keeper of Elysium is charged with upholding the Masquerade.  As such, the Keeper of Elysium may remove 1 Status (Camarilla) from any Kindred who has endangered the Masquerade.  In addition, the Keeper of Elysium is often given the responsibility of arranging Kindred gatherings, especially with respect to security, so as to minimise the potential for Masquerade breaches at such events.  The position of Keeper of Elysium bestows 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) to the holder.  

The Harpy is the leading gossip and rumourmonger-in-chief of the Camarilla Kindred in a city.  Appointed by the Primogen by majority vote, the Harpy is usually a young up-and-coming Kindred who holds no other position and is invariably replaced upon gaining another position due to inherent conflicts of interest.  The Harpy acts as an accountant for Status and Boons within the city and may remove 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) from any Kindred who transgresses the Status hierarchy, breaches the laws of Elysium, causes a scandal or behaves in an otherwise inappropriate manner.  The position of Harpy bestows 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) to the holder.  

The Primogen is the representative of a Clan, who serves on the Primogen Council.  Candidates for the position of Primogen are put forward by their Clan, but must be accepted by the other Primogen before they are confirmed in the position.  Primogen ALWAYS have some existing Status (Camarilla) before being put forward, as to nominate a nobody is an insult to other Clans and Primogen, which is unlikely to go unnoticed by the Harpy.  Although the Primogen Council usually acts as an advisory body to the Prince, the Prince has no direct influence over who serves on the Primogen Council.  The position of Primogen bestows 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) to the holder.  The rights of the Primogen Council are as follows;
- May appoint or change the Harpy by a majority vote
- May overrule a decision of the Prince by a unanimous vote
- May grant the Prince 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) once only during the Prince’s reign by a unanimous vote
- May individually grant 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) once only during a Prince’s reign to a member of their Clan

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2Kindred Status and Positions Empty Elders on Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:44 pm

ST 1

Elders are kindred that have survived for long enough and have enough personal power or influence that even a small comment from them can influence the opinions of Kindred round them.

In game mechanic terms, to be regarded as an Elder of the Camarilla a Kindred must have a sufficient combination of Clan, City & Camarilla status. Although there are no defined amounts of status required, if a Kindred does not have at least 3's they would not be considered. Once a Kindred is acknowledged as an elder they will not become unacknowledged, even if their status is reduced. In IC terms you are an Elder if the other Camarilla elders in the area acknowledge you as one.

Known resident Camarilla elders in New Zealand are Prince Sylvan McDuff of Whangarei; Surfal of Auckland, Prince Pietro Cellini of Wellington, Prince Harriet of Gisborne and Revera who currently resides in Nelson.

There are no known Sabbat Elders in New Zealand.

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3Kindred Status and Positions Empty Re: Kindred Status and Positions on Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:31 am

ST 2

The Scourge is responsible for dealing with those Kindred who have been created without the permission of the Prince or those who have failed to announce their presence in the city. Not all cities have a Scourge and the position is not particularly glamorous. The Scourge may remove one permanent status from any Kindred they find harbouring or abetting vampires created without the Prince's permission or who have not formally presented themselves in the city. The position of Scourge bestows 1 dot of Status (Camarilla) to the holder.

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