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Character Creation

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1Character Creation Empty Character Creation on Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:59 pm

ST 2

Character Creation
The base character creation rules are those stated in WOD pp 34-35 and V:tR pp 90-94.  Use these, not omitting ‘Step 1: Character Concept’ until you come to adding a supernatural template.  When adding a supernatural template, note the following;

- All PCs should be Vampires; no Mages, Werewolves, Changelings etc

- All PCs will start as members of the Camarilla sect

- Players should choose a Clan based on those detailed in ‘Clans and Bloodlines’ and allocate disciplines based on that document and the documents ‘Disciplines’ and ‘Blood Magic’.  The Clans currently available are Assamite Vizier, Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue and the clanless Caitiff.

- Starting Blood Potency requires a 7 card draw which will be done by the STs – successes equal the Blood Potency of the character (see ‘Merits’).  The exception is if a PC is being created as the Childe of an existing character, where the Blood Potency is one less than the Sire.  (ST permission is required for these characters).

- Please check the ‘House Rules’ document before assigning Merits as there have been substantial modifications.

While a detailed background is not required for you to enter play (though it's awfully useful to have in case somebody asks you in character) we will no longer allow Characters to spend XP or take actions between games until they have submitted a reasonable background.  The following are some questions you should answer in that background;

Who was your character before the embrace?
Where and when were they born/grew up? Who or what were their formative influences? Did they travel and where to? How were they educated/trained and what job did they do (if any)? What kind of person were they?

What were the circumstances of their embrace?
When and where did it happen - how old was the character at the time? Was it sanctioned or secret? Who is their sire and why did their sire choose them? How did the sire treat the character before/during/after embrace? How did/does the character feel about the embrace and their sire?

What changed for the character after the embrace?
Did their personality or interests change? How did they react to the supernatural? Do they retain ties to their mortal existence? How were they received into Kindred society? Who were their influences/allies/enemies/mentors (if any) and are they still a factor?

Why did the character end up in Auckland?
Bearing in mind that, in kindred terms, Auckland is the rear end of nowhere; Did the character piss off someone important? Are they on the run or hiding from someone or something? Have they been sent here for some reason or do they just want the chance to be a small fish in a smaller pool? Is Auckland a punishment, a mission, a haven or an opportunity?

In addition, the following details MUST be mentioned;
- If you have Retainer(s), specify whether they are Ghouled or not and please give them NAMES (so that the STs don’t have to!)

- If you have a Mentor, please give some idea of who they are, what they can teach you and what you can do for them in return (nothing comes free in the World of Darkness).

- Where your character is very highly skilled (5 dots) or has a Fighting Style merit, please explain in their background how they came to have these abilities.  (‘I have Strength 5, Brawl 5 and Boxing 5 because I am a combat munchkin’ is NOT acceptable!)

A Final Note
Character concepts based on literary or TV/movie characters will NOT be accepted.  Quite apart from possible copyright infringements, we find such characters difficult to take seriously.  The game is about your own imagination, individual and collective amongst players and STs, not anyone else’s.

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2Character Creation Empty Re: Character Creation on Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:15 am

ST 2

As an update to this, we have found it easier to stat up characters on the player's behalf. Please submit a background and we will stat the character based on that. If there is anything specific you want the character to have, feel free to make a note of it, however we will not add it if we do not think it adequately justified by the background.

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