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NWoD rules vs OWBN affiliation

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1NWoD rules vs OWBN affiliation Empty NWoD rules vs OWBN affiliation on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:05 am

given the bylaw that was to make us leave didn't actually go through, are people still in favour of leaving OWBN to convert?

Personally, I am happy with either... I like the potential to take a character overseas, but the NWoD system is superior, despite the setting not being adequate IMO...

Also, some of the disciplines get significantly better/worse (Physical disciplines mostly get worse, presence loses its rather out of place level 2 power, obfuscate turns a level 6 power into a level 1 power)

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2NWoD rules vs OWBN affiliation Empty Re: NWoD rules vs OWBN affiliation on Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:09 am

ST 1

Moved to correct forum.


There is no option of converting and not leaving OWbN.

We are not considering changing setting, just system.

Better or Worse is a matter of perspective. Some of the broken powers (Aegis & Puissance to name two) are removed, but there are no "Dead levels" of those disciplines. The system also far better reflects the advantages of skill over talent or disciplines & encourages much more balanced characters.

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