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Blood Magic

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1Blood Magic Empty Blood Magic on Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:47 pm

ST 2

Blood magic encompasses Hermetic (Tremere) Thaumaturgy, Assamite, Setite or Koldonic Sorcery, Necromancy and any other similar powers.

Blood magic may be taught or researched, but cannot simply be developed even if it is an in-clan discipline.

For researching blood magic or rituals, the number of successes required on an extended Monthly Int+Occult draw is the total cost of the level you are researching in XP. Failure on a draw reduces all subsequent draws by one. You may not research a higher level of blood magic or ritual than your Occult Influence. (Yes, we will still be using Influences. More on this later.)

The Tremere are known to guard the knowledge of Thaumaturgy jealously. Those that attempt to gain this knowledge have a habit of mysteriously disappearing.

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