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The Phoenix Rising

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Some consequences of leaving OWbN

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1 Some consequences of leaving OWbN on Sun Nov 13, 2011 1:18 pm

ST 2

For those who weren't present, a vote on 'The Phoenix Rising' leaving the One World by Night organisation was taken at the game on November 12th 2011. The vote was unanimous for the game to leave the org and for Chris and Kirsten to continue as STs in the absence of other volunteers.

The potential for the game SYSTEM to be converted to nWoD, retaining existing setting and characters was mooted and thrown open for discussion on the forum. The STs are in favour of this conversion and will post some proposals for it over the coming weeks. Please keep an eye on the forums if you would like input into this discussion. We would hope to complete any conversion to nWoD by February or March next year so as to advertise the game in this form to new players. This means we'd like to get any new rules sorted out by Christmas.

With regard to existing OWbN rulings on things such as discipline teaching, these will remain in effect until such time as a conversion to nWoD is achieved. Some new house rules will be mooted for discussion with the conversion.

With regards to existing plotlines, the 'Year of Fire' plotline was instigated by OWbN and we would like to wrap it up as quickly as possible before any conversion to nWoD takes place. Moving forward, we are not comfortable with Baali as PCs (as per White Wolf's recommendation) and these will not be available for play after conversion, nor will any existing ones be 'grandfathered'. Any Baali after conversion will be NPC antagonists only - players of any existing Baali (not that we're saying there are any) should discuss the situation with us as soon as possible.

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