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Toreador Gala

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1Toreador Gala Empty Toreador Gala on Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:52 pm

On Behalf of the Toreador of Auckland it is my pleasure to inform you of a gala of the Arts, to be held this November.

As part of an ongoing effort to foster culture within the city, it is our privilege to host this event, intended to showcase local talents.
During the festivities, there will be a silent auction, showcasing both items created by the local Toreador as well as items of interest that we feel would appeal to our audience. There will also be a selection of performances from the hosts over the course of the evening, including a private performance for a select number of VIPs.

Formal invitations will be issued shortly to the Kindred of Auckland, and select guests from around the country.

-Beatrice Faulkner, Toreador Primogen of Auckland

OOC: All PCs are invited, select NPCs will also be receiving invitations.

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