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First Announcement of Prince Morgan Caldwell

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1First Announcement of Prince Morgan Caldwell Empty First Announcement of Prince Morgan Caldwell on Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:10 am

The Prince is dead. Long live the Prince.
Well, he's probably dead. We assume so. Actually, one might argue all Princes are dead, as are all the rest of us, so this discussion topic is really giving little to no information.
I'll start again.

As many of you by now know, Walter Stewart is missing and presumed dead, felled by a skilled and powerful assailant whose identity remains a mystery. As this mystery assailant does not appear to wish the mantle of Prince for themselves, I have stepped forward to assure we have no void in leadership.

More formal matters will be addressed in the coming nights, however first I feel the matter of hospitality should be addressed with some immediacy, in order that none suffer from uncertainty in this matter.

As previously stated, those who were acknowledged as present at Isaac Spielding's rapier tournament last night have hospitality.
Elysium will be held next month at my address in Epsom (more details to follow) where any who wish hospitality are welcome to present themselves; however, for those of you who may be unable to attend or simply would like the matter sorted sooner I shall make myself available over the course of this month.
Finally, as I understand Doc is likely to be rather busy and would not want to pull him away from his work, he of course has hospitality. (After all, only a madman would deny it to him.)

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