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Rules of the Domain

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1 Rules of the Domain on Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:34 pm

General Rules of the Domain:
The Prince shall be referred to as Prince, or Captain.
Member of the Crew or those that have been granted the status of Loyal are released of the necessity to use that title.

Officers of the Court will also be addressed with the Honour of their title included. Sheriff, Seneschal, Harpy.

Damage of a Ship will incur the cost of repairs and a major favour as the form of an apology to the captain of that ship.

The title of Crew is in recognition of the sworn oath of loyalty and service to Captain Kieran McCoy and his Crew.

The tradition of Elysium is adhered to within the boundaries of the locale declared as such; it shall supersede all other considerations.

There shall be no violence in Elysium unless agreed between the parties involved and the Prince, or the Sheriff if he is not available.

Issues of honour, entertainment or general disagreement can be settled with duels/fights/games/or any form of contest, with the consent of the Prince who will at his own discretion alter or adjust the rules of engagement.

Only the Prince, Sheriff and Crew of the Darkwind may bear weapons within Elysium; the weapon must be agreed with the Prince.

The use of disciplines shall be restricted within Elysium.
The Prince retains use of any and all disciplines.
The Sheriff may use disciplines in line with for-filling their duties.
Crew of the Darkwind can use any disciplines that are not a breach of the masquerade or that would negatively effect any other crew member or any member of the Domain that hold a position in the Princes court.

Those with hospitality within the Domain are granted the use of powers to mask your visage if you are very unattractive, and required if your visage is a breach.

New domain members have a 24hour window to apply for hospitality if they are within the domain. Failure will be a breach of the Prince's Laws.

Arrivals/Visitors will be expected to either send word ahead of their arrival or immediately contact the Harpy or their clan Primogen so as to be presented to the Prince, and hospitality for the visit to be agreed or not.

Other kindred may use disciplines in self-defence or in defence of the Domain or Prince.

The Sheriff's right to question kindred extends into Elysium, they are at liberty to use any means they see fit to carry out their duties unless the Prince says otherwise.

The Seneschal will hold the responsibility for leading and arranging any incident responses to breaches in the traditions. Kindred holding hospitality are expected to make their abilities and service available, if requested, in the event of such an event.

If requested, kindred of the city will make their influences and abilities known to the Prince, Seneschal and or Sheriff if they can be used in defense of the domain in a time of need.


The responsibility of a position within the city is a most weighty matter. To this end, no kindred shall be expected to discharge two such positions, be it Prince, Seneschal, Sheriff, Scourge, Primogen or Harpy. Any kindred gaining a new position will be expected to relinquish the previous one immediately.

The Rank of Crew is separate to that of other positions and can be held in addition to other roles.

The position of Scourge entails the responsibility to detain by any means any kindred not granted hospitality by the Prince and not protected by the conditions of the truce. Any kindred detained as such will be brought before the Sheriff for questioning, after which time the Sheriff and Scourge shall present their recommendations to the Prince.

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