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Boon and Status Changelog July -- Present

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1Boon and Status Changelog July -- Present Empty Boon and Status Changelog July -- Present on Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:52 pm

IC Alterations to the system used to log Boons are underway and will hopefully lead to a more streamlined experience in future. A changelog of the past six months of Boons and Status follows. Please contact me at [email address supplied] if there have been any errors. ALL boons will be posted in this manner.

On a related note if anyone has any resources on the use of "Google Drive" for various functions those would be much appreciated as my computer literacy leaves something to be desired and my retainer isn't much better than I am.


Lance Hiri owes Roach three majors.
Lance Hiri owes Bruce Jackson one major.
Fiona O'Halloran owes Lance Hiri one major.
Nick Scott owes Rudolph Talbot a minor.
Morgan Caldwell owes Roach a major.
Saul owes Mr Charles a minor.
Rick Bogart gained status.
Mr Charles owes Fabian a major boon.


Fabian di Firenze is now Bloodhunted.
Jonathan Grigger has lost all status within the Camarilla.
Lance Hiri has lost standing within the Camarilla.
Surfal, Rick Bogart, and Morgan Caldwell are now Knights of the Domain of Auckland.


New arrivals:
Mr Raphael, Clan Nosferatu
Leon de Wit, Clan Gangrel
Parise Caiside, Clan Brujah

Fiona no longer owes Isabella. (boon type?)
Isaac no longer owes Fiona (boon type?)
Raphael now owes Fiona a minor.
Fiona no longer owes Achaela.
Some/all of Lance's debt tranfers to Fiona (which boons?)
Fiona no longer owes Lance Hiri a major.



Isabella Marietta, Raphael, Tom O'Reilly, Jim Heartwood and Rick Bogart gain standing within the Camarilla.

Byron Wade owes Achaela Harmlinson, Isabella Marietta, and Morgan Caldwell a major boon each.
Byron Wade owes Fiona O'Halloran two major boons.
Byron Wade owes Gerald Mortimer a Blood boon.

New arrivals:
Grover Cleveland, Clan Ventrue

Mister Isaac Spielding is now Keeper of Elysium
Dame Fiona O'Halloran is now Scourge

Raphael owes Morgan a major

Can those who were involved in the boat rescue please finalise who owes who? This has been pending for what, a year now? Please.

Fiona and Lance no longer owe Achaela Harmlinson.


New arrivals:
Beatrice Faulker, Clan Toreador

Isabella now owes Tom a major boon.
Fiona has transferred two major boons
Prince Byron now owes Surfal two major boons.

Lance Hiri and Raphael no longer have Hospitality within the city of Auckland.

Sara Lovart loses standing within the Camarilla and is no longer welcome in Auckland or Wellington.

Rick Bogart is no longer a Knight, has lost standing within the Camarilla and no longer has Hospitality in Auckland.

Jim Heartwood has lost standing within the Camarilla and no longer has Hospitality in Auckland.

Morgan Caldwell is no longer a Knight and has lost standing within the Camarilla.

Gerald Mortimer is now Blood-Hunted in the city of Wellington.

A reminder to any new arrivals to the city this month to register your presence with myself as soon as is expedient.

Kind Regards,
Genevieve Hayward

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