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Herald: Terrorists strike in Tauranga!

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1Herald: Terrorists strike in Tauranga! Empty Herald: Terrorists strike in Tauranga! on Mon May 05, 2014 11:13 pm

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In the Herald today:

Early this morning the idyllic Port of Tauranga was rocked by a number of explosions. Police and firefighters were called to the scene and a number of bodies were seen being retrieved by emergency services.

No eyewitnesses have come forward to the attack and Police investigations are continuing.

A source within the Hospital who wishes to remain anonymous has stated that a number of bodies were found outside the blast radius with a variety of injuries.

Police have stated that this was definitely not an accident and that terrorist action is suspected, although no group has claimed responsibility as yet.

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Early this morning the port of Tauranga was again blasted, this time not only by a series of explosions but also by automatic weapon fire. Police and firefighters approached the scene only after the armed offenders squad declared the area clear.

A number of bodies as well as weapons were seen being retrieved by police. The Police have no comment at this stage apart from believing that it is related to the unsolved cases last month in which a number of dock workers as well as unidentified individuals were killed. They have set up an anonymous line and reward for information leading to the identification and arrests of the terrorists.

Again no surviving eyewitnesses have been found.

The Herald has interviewed dock workers. One was quoted: "**** this, we're moving to Auckland, I hear there's work there"

A Ports of Tauranga representative expressed her sympathy for the families, friends and colleagues of those killed in the attacks. She urged calm and for anyone knowing the identity of the attackers to step forward.

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