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Announcements of Prince Pietro Cellini of Wellington

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ST 2

It is with great sadness that we mourn the demise of my sire, Prince Vincenzo Ducati and that we take upon ourselves the Princedom of Wellington.

Let it be known that the kindred known as Sluzka is bloodhunted in the domain of Wellington.

Let it be known that no member of Clan Tremere will have hospitality in the city of Wellington until this creature is destroyed.

Let it be known that the following kindred shall gain status within the Camarilla:
Gerald Mortimer
Reinhart van Buel
Hayden Delaware
Harriet Bellingham
Struan McConnell
Isabella Marietta

Let it be known that the following kindred are owed blood boons by ourself.
Harriet Bellingham

Let the following changes of position in the domain of Wellington be known.
Reinhart Van Buel will now be our Seneschal, replaced in his position as Harpy by Hayden Delaware.

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