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Topics of interest - December 2013

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1Topics of interest - December 2013 Empty Topics of interest - December 2013 on Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:14 pm

ST 2

An underground maintenance worker has disappeared without a trace in Newmarket.

A 'Christmas Tournament' has been advertised as a special event at the castle in Maraetai.

A mysterious howling has been heard in the Waitakeres over the last few nights.

Greenpeace has been very vocal recently about whaling ships spending an excessive amount of time in New Zealand waters.

With the warmer weather, there have been Shark sightings just outside the Waitemata Harbour.

The cruise ship Eternity has docked at Princess Wharf - she will be in port for a week.

A last minute headline act has been announced for Christmas in the Park - Fawesome will be playing.

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