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What others in the city know about your character

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ST 2

Please post this basic information here.

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2What others in the city know about your character Empty Cedric Ibn Sarmad on Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:25 pm

Cedric Ibn Sarmad
Clan: Assamite
Position: Sheriff, former Prince
Status 5: 5 Personal, 1 Positional - Bloodhunted
Territory: Observatory
Occupation: Historian
Demonstrated Disciplines: Auspex ?, Celerity 5, Obfuscate 3, Quietus 4, Resilience 4, Vigor 2
Ghouls: One, capable with gun
Origin: English, from Bath
Other notes:
  • Been known to hold Setites in his basement
  • Fights well with both Sword and Gun
  • Favours sword
  • Had right of Progeny
  • Blood hunted

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3What others in the city know about your character Empty Tom O'Reilly on Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:28 pm

Tom O'Reilly:
Primogen of Clan Nosferatu, former Primogen of Clan Nosferatu, former Harpy of Auckland
Status 2 + 1 positional
Known to have a lot of knowledge about most things kindred related.
Demonstrated disciplines: Has offered to teach any level of Obfuscate, Vigor and Animalism, auspex, and very basic celerity
Has been seen to dive behind a table and disappear.
Owes a life boon to the Prince.
Owes and is Owed a number of major boons.

Known to have many contacts in Police and Industry.

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4What others in the city know about your character Empty "Doc" on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:41 pm

ST 2

Known to be of Clan Tremere
Status: Acknowledged
Known to live in practical isolation from most of the Kindred of the city of Auckland. Was in the city previous to the Anarch takeover and never left during the occupation.
Has no known contact details, though he tends to show up whenever a new Praxis is declared.
Demonstrated Disciplines: None shown in public.

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5What others in the city know about your character Empty Jason Menzies on Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:59 pm

Hi, I'm the spirit of Jason Menzies, a camarilla setite... I can't tell you where I am right now, except you've heard rumours one of the assamites encased me in concrete. Looks like i'm not getting out of here anytime soon.
I'm a soldier from the US who came over to help the camarilla against the sabbat. Then the sheriff told me to make contact with the setites. They took my heart.
I'm much worse in combat than Blaze, as shown by him cutting me to pieces before encasing me in concrete.
Um, I'm not sure what else I can tell you, because there's noone for me to talk to except for the concrete right now.
You might think i'm an ally, you might think I'm a tool, or you might think i'm a traitor. Right now, I'm just a block of stone, so it doesn't really matter.
Maybe i'll see you again in the future, maybe I won't.

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Clan: Caitiff
Occupation: Hacker
Status 2: Acknowledged, Respected
Demonstrated disciplines: Celerity 3, Obfuscate 2
Ghoul: Otto and Hans (do I need to say more?) + 4 other ghouls (students - ex Setites sect members)
Country: Eastern European (Serbia)
Other notes:
* Has a neckless with a crest and sometimes asks around if people know what the crest means
* Dislikes Sabbat.

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7What others in the city know about your character Empty Ladislas Jelavich on Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:41 am

ST 2

Ladislas Jelavich
Clan Tremere
Status (personal) 3: Acknowledged, Respected, Loyal
Known to have been an Anarch, formerly known as "Mr Jones". Was apparently infiltrating the Anarchs on behelf of Clan Tremere. Regarded with suspicion due to this, but has gained standing from it.
Demonstrated disciplines: Potence & Celerity 2. Has claimed to be able to create fire but no evidence of this has ever been shown.

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Albert Smith
Clan: Ventrue
Occupation: Ventrue
Status 3:Loyal x2, Respected
Demonstrated disciplines: Annoying the new sheriff
Country: America land of the Sabbat, home of the enslaved.
Other notes: Kicked his way out of the sewer where he had been walled up. Known to have a thing against Nosferatu in balaclavas with Axes.

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Clan: Assamite
Occupation: Weaponsmith
Status 3: Acknowledged, Just, Respected
Probationary Sect Member
Demonstrated Disciplines: Celerity 4, Quietus 1

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Tania Smith - missing presumed dead
Clan: Catiff
Status 1: Acknowleged
Demonstrated disaplines: Obviscate 2
Notes: Known to have her heart taken out by the setities.

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Fiona O'Hallaran

Clan: Nosferatu
Status : 2 Cam + 1 City Knight
Demonstrated disciplines: Vigor 5, Obfiscate 5, Celerity 2, Auspex 2, Resilience 1
Country: Ireland
Other notes:
Brood sister to Tom O'Reilly

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Thomas Lockheart
Clan: Tremere
Status 1: Acknowledged (correct me if wrong)
Nationality: American
Background: Science
Apparent Age: 24
Vampric Age: Fledgling

Other notes:
Speaks with a stutter.
Has been easily freaked out by older more powerful kindred (read: pretty much everyone).
Is interested in researching the kindred condition and how disciplines actually work.

Is totally a great and powerful wizard, honest...

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Dame Isabella Marietta - last seen leaving to take a cruise
Clan: Nosferatu
Status 4: Acknowledged, Knight
Demonstrated Disciplines: Obfuscate 5, Vigor 3
Other notes:
- Isabella is known to be good with firearms and frequently acts as backup or long range support.
- Has been known to use a rapier.
- Is known to be a socialite yet spends an inordinate amount of time in the sewers.
- Has previously held the domain of the sewers.
- Has previously held the position of harpy and primogen.
- Has previously held the position of Seneschal to Prince Emmeline H.

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Clan: Setite
Position: None
Status 1: Acknowledged
Prohibitionary Sect Membership
Territory: None
Occupation: Sex Cultist
Demonstrated Disciplines: Obfuscate 2, Presence 2, Serpentis 2
Ghouls: None
Origin: Unknown
Other notes:
  • Lives in Cedric's basement
  • Never far from Cedric's side
  • Is missing heart

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Nicholas Kensington FELL IN BATTLE MARCH 2014

Clan: Venture
Position: Seneschal and Former Prince of Auckland, Knight of Auckland
Status 4: Feared for his Prowess in Combat, Respected by his service to the Camirilla, Loyal in his support of the City of Auckland, Holder of the Position of Seneschal
Territory: None, though once was the island of Waiheke
Occupation: Head of Local Bussiness Practices for Charlemagne Investments
Demonstrated Disciplines: High levels of Resilience, High levels of Majesty, High levels of Vigor, High levels of Celerity, Low levels of Dominate
Ghouls: Three at least (one well known one Jeeves)
Origin: English originaly, came to NZ by way of various Colonial areas of England
Other notes:

Kensington came to Auckland to manage his sire's investments, but left on the city becoming Anarch. He has served as Harpy and Primogen of Clan Venture before the city fell. Since his return he took the position of Prince of Auckland, Until stepping down to support a new prince to "Best serve the Camirilla". Since stepping down as prince he has served as Seneschal for the city of Auckland and has returned to taking a front line role in combat actions defending the city.

Well known as a soldier for Clan Ventrue. In his years up to his princedom he favoured axes as his weapon of choice and in his early days once earnt the nickname "The Hatchet" due to his use of a rusty discarded hatchet in combat. While his exact age is not widely know, mention has been made of his involvement in both the English Civil War and the Nepoleonic War.

Has a Childe currently in Australia.

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16What others in the city know about your character Empty Justin J Rockford on Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:00 pm

Name: Justin Jebidiah Rockford

Clan: Toreador
Occupation: Theatre director, entertainment entrepreneur
Status 2; Acknowledged, Loyal
Territory: None, per Prince's edict
Demonstrated disciplines: Low Celerity, Dread Gaze, Obfuscate.
Ghouls: None.
Retainers: Five - Harmony, Rhapsody, Melody, Symphony and Destiny.
Origins: Originally from Boston, USA; Mainly known in Camarilla from Canberra, Australia.

Notes - Justin was sent to Auckland by his 'principle' in Canberra to act as a liaison with the Camarilla here . . . Unfortunately, he arrived the very night of the Baron's conversion to the Anarch faction and had to withdraw form the city. Nevertheless, he returned, and set himself up in the city as a director of stage productions, notably the revival of MY FAIR LADY, the musical OUR LADY IN RED, and recently MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL among others.

In public, he is commonly seen at social and show business events, in the company of at least two of his retainers ( Publicly known as dancers, more known to the Kindred as martial artists of some ability) and is considered an eccentric and glamorous figure in such circles.

Little is known about his private life - Despite being under surveillance by Marigold, the exact location of his lair in Medowbank/Remuera remains uncertain; As do other factors about his life with his 'retainers', which is the source of much Kindred gossip.

Among the city Kindred, he is acknowledged as a crack shot, one of the first to volunteer for hazardous duties if the odds seem good, and frequently rendered torpid during such exploits. There are those who have begun to suspect he is not what he seems. . . .

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Clan: Tremere
Status: Acknowledged
Demonstrated Disciplines: Thaumaturgy
Country: French
Other notes:
* Apparently here to investigate as to the whereabouts of the missing (presumed dead) Thomas Lockheart

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Charles St. Xavier

Clan: Tremere
Status: Acknowledged, Respected
Demonstrated Disciplines: Thaumaturgy
Country: ??. Has not said. Mentioned he has been in New Zeland before
Other notes:
Has shown capability in both Political and Social interaction.

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19What others in the city know about your character Empty Ratsioli on Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:27 pm

Sir Ratsioli

Clan: Toreador
Status: Acknowledged
Occupation: Race car driver

Known Disciplines: none
Looking for his lover who apparently was sent to New Zealand by his sire.

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Steven cooper

Clan : Brujah
Status: Acknowledged
Demonstrated Disciplines: Celerity.
Country: has traveled to quite a few places around the world. slight american acent (cant pull it off in character tho)
Other notes: has constanly steped forward in service of the camerela. good at investigation and using firearms.

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21What others in the city know about your character Empty Rose Red on Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:23 pm

Rose Red

Clan: Brujah
Position: Primogen
Status 2: Acknowledged, Loyal
Occupation: Illicit activities
Other notes: Is usually around, just doesn't stay long.

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22What others in the city know about your character Empty Marigold Kowhai on Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:02 pm

Marigold Kowhai

Clan: Shh....
Status: Enough to be not kicked out of the city
Occupation: Justin's stalker
Demonstrated Disciplines: Obfuscate, Auspex
Other notes:
* Trenchcoats for stalking Justin. Was told off for stalking Justin wearing only a trenchcoat.
* Likes shopping with Justin's retainer
* Likes hiding/cowering behind something
* Likes ropes
* Money has never been an issue for her
* Owns a helicopter
* Scared of all the other Anarchs in Transport
* Dislike being shot/attacked

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Name: Vincent Ward
Clan: Tremere
Occupation: Marketing Specialist and Occult Student
No known disciplines or fighting styles known so far.

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Anton 'Roach' Karlsson - Deceased
Clan: Gangrel
Position: Knight, Sheriff
Status 3
Territory: None
Occupation: Thrill Seeker
Demonstrated Disciplines: Protean 5, Resilience 5, Vigor 2, Celerity, Auspex.  Many devotions
Ghouls: None
Origin: Swedish, but travelled extensively round Europe
Other notes:
  • Keeps ears hidden
  • Giant
  • Knows Parkour
  • Jokes about not knowing Animalism
  • Right of Progeny

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Bruce Jackson

Clan: Gangrel
Position: Sheriff
Status: 1
Demonstrated Disciplines: Animalism 3, Protean 5, Resilience
Place of Origin: Australia (well travelled)

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